Monthly Archives: April 2011

My challenge to Nerf rifling believers

Do you believe most Nerf darts can be made more stable by spinning? If so, this challenge is for you! The challenge is simple: Provide objective and statistically significant evidence that spinning darts improves stability, precision, or range. Some notes Rifling barrels for Nerf has already been thoroughly debunked. To say it in brief, the […]

Nerf Engineering forum

The Nerf Engineering forum is now open. I’m receptive to suggestions, so let me know at the forum if you have any ideas, especially with regard to its organization.

Temporary NerfHaven archive

I have made a temporary NerfHaven archive for those who wish to browse threads while NH is down. Also, would anyone be interested in a small forum for this blog? I am thinking I’d like to discuss some topics not typically covered at Nerf forums, like, for example, “concept” threads (where the merits of a […]

NerfHaven hack 2011

There has been much speculation about what precisely is going on at NerfHaven recently. The problems at NH are not an April Fools’ joke. The forum software NH uses is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks, and based on the available evidence, it seems that a hacker decided to gets some kicks by screwing with NH. […]