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NerfHaven hack 2011

There has been much speculation about what precisely is going on at NerfHaven recently. The problems at NH are not an April Fools’ joke. The forum software NH uses is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks, and based on the available evidence, it seems that a hacker decided to gets some kicks by screwing with NH. […]

Older blog posts at

Before I would occasionally blog about Nerf projects at my personal website, Now that I have launched a blog specifically for Nerf, that practice will end. My old Nerf related posts are accessible in the fang2 and fang4 categories at

NerfEngrWiki launched

Today I am launching NerfEngrWiki, the Nerf engineering Wiki. This Wiki will primarily be used by myself to organize what I know about how to engineer Nerf guns. Others are welcome to help out, though I do not expect anyone to make that effort.

Blog launch

I decided I should put my Nerf projects and random thoughts about ballistics on its own blog. Several people in the hobby are interested in reading what I right but not interested in the rants I post on, so this should work out for the best.