FANG automatic Nerf gun

This page refers to what originally was called FANG but now is simply referred to as prototype one towards FANG.

The FANG is a semi-reliable semi-automatic Nerf blaster. The basic cycle works, however, the bolt did not always reliably return. The blaster was being revised when I left for college in late January 2009. I anticipate that I'll finish it during spring break.

A second blaster called FANG 2 is in the planning stages at the moment. The concept is to use a rotating turret somewhat like Eclipse. The blaster will be optimized for shots per tank with BAGS, making it probably the most engineered Nerf blaster yet once it's built.

Links to forum threads on the original FANG

Photos of the FANG before the revision


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Hello again,

You mentioned a while back the mag spring used in this gun was a "constant force" spring. I'm aware that McMaster carries these and I was curious which part # you bought.

I'm playing aroud with ideas for mag springs and a constant force spring might be appropriate for my setup, though I'd need one capable of applying a pretty significant force so that my ejection system works properly.


Posted by on 2010-05-20 22:41:59