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On and off for the past year or so I have been designing what I have designated FANG 4. As I graduate in about a month, I should start having more free time, so I should be able to actually start fabricating something then.

I have some old FANG 4 stuff from last year in this directory:

Included is a side view of the positions of most elements in FANG 4. Precisely what is going on in the drawing is not clear unless I take the time to explain, which I won't do here as I'm going to make a 3D model later. (Sorry!)

Back last year I spent a long time writing out precisely what the goals of the FANG project are. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible. I will detail these goals later as I review what I worked on then. I forgot the details.

FANG 4 will be very similar to FANG 1 in some respects. I intend to use basically the same advancement mechanism with some improvements. I think I gave up on the projectile pusher design too easily, and I'm excited about testing it out again.

However, FANG 4 will be very different than my past projects. Firstly, I do intend to make something that is at least reasonably war practical. FANG 1 was really just a test that never was completed. FANG 2 never was completed. FANG 3 wasn't even operational.

FANG 4 will also incorporate new ideas. I want to use epoxy casting or epoxy putty and aluminum tubing to construct a lightweight air reservoir. The air reservoir should be just large enough to get a certain number of shots, the precise numerical value of which I have not decided yet. I suspect when I do a war test, how many shots I should have in reserve will be more obvious and I can design the magazine and air reservoir with this constraint in mind.

I'll also be using a different directional control valve than I did in FANG 1, and I might not use the Clippard MJVO-3 valve I have used in the past because it isn't the best valve to use with tubing.

I've been investigating homemade pumps so I can charge the gun on the fly. Previously I had planned to use a large tank that would have enough air for an entire round, but I decided to reduce the number of shots and add a hand pump.

I am still debating whether or not to use the Clippard JEV series as the QEV or a larger Deltrol QEV from McMaster-Carr. Ultimately what I will use will depend on how the gun performs in tests.

So... there's approximately where the project stands. I welcome questions, ideas, criticisms, etc.

As for FANG 5... it's not on my radar yet, but I'm thinking about cloning PVC Arsenal's Archangel.

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How many shots do you hope to get off of one charge?

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Right now I'm thinking 20 shots at most. I'll probably design for about 15 and see how that works.

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As I mentioned in the other thread, propane tanks offer the neat feature of letting you switch from one tank to another rather easily.  I know you'll be using a smaller reservoir, but is it permanently attached to the gun?  If not, I'm sure you could easily make your own quick-change tanks in a smaller size.  It's something to consider.  Having that quick backup could keep you in the game.

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I don't intend to swap out the tanks for FANG 4, but I'll definitely consider that possibility for the future.

The concept, as I explained, is to hold just enough for a clip or two and make pumping as easy as possible. I had some other plans (which I scrapped for simplicity) of including a switch to allow the pump to feed either into the air reservoir or directly into the firing chamber. This would allow me to get a shot ready before the air reservoir is fully charged.

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My projects are rarely completed in recent years because I don't have much free time and I do not have easy access to a machine shop. I am going to try to change both.

I'm slowly saving up money to get a cheap drill press, set of drill bits, vise, etc. This'll allow me to work in my own garage. I won't have to trek to my parents' house or hope no one in the university machine shops mind any longer. (Yes, I am back at UMD for a MS. I intend to get a PhD elsewhere, however.)

I'm also trying to plan my schedule out better so that I can accomplish more. I can liberate time I spend mindlessly surfing the internet. I can work more efficiently. I've also found that if I schedule some time for something and just start it, often I'll see the project through completion that day.

I have some mental plans for FANG 4 now. The basic idea is the same as detailed above. But I'm going to use a larger valve and restructure the gun. It'll look more like FANG 1.

Expect this gun to be completed some time before December.

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Looking forward to it.  I too am aware of the lack of free time & facilities while away at college.  My high school days made it easy to work on hobbies.

I must ask... what do you have in mind for the loading mechanism?

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The plan is to use an internal magazine like in FANG 1, so loading is an issue. I'm thinking of ways to load the magazine that'll also allow jams to be cleared. I'm not yet sure what the best way to do this is. Likely I'll have a handle to pull down the magazine follower and a sliding door over the bolt area to clear jams and load darts.

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I look forward to it.  I'm in the planning stages of what I assume will be something quite similar to yours.  It will be interesting to see if our ideas share anything in common like they have in the past, particularly with the loading mechanisms.  Please do keep us posted on how things go