Topic: 2010-08-07 muzzle velocity test

In order to validate my simplified model of the internal ballistics of a pneumatic gun, I did some tests in 2010. I first determined what pressure was necessary for the projectile to leave the barrel. I then fired 15 shots at 30 psi, 40 psi, 50 psi, 60 psi, and 70 psi. I measured the muzzle velocity in ft/s with my chronograph.

These tests forced me to conclude that my model was too simple as it did not capture the dynamics of the gun as well as I had hoped. At the moment I'm planning a more complicated model suited better for spud guns, but also applicable for Nerf guns.

This data can be used to validate other models of pneumatic guns.

I'd hope my spreadsheet is mostly self-explanatory, but I can answer questions if any arise.

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