Topic: Interior ballistics - Faux barrels for real?

Nerfers have been using compound barrels since near the beginning of modding.  The basis is simple.  The barrel starts tight to hold the dart and build pressure, then gets looser such that there is less friction on the dart.

Can this be applied to to reduce fishtailing?  So the last stage of the barrel (5/8" or larger ID) is long enough that by the end the barrel pressure and outside pressure are nearly the same.  The dart exits the barrel with no extra air behind it to cause (this form of) fishtailing.

Perhaps this is why it works so well in the first place.  Is this a new observation?  Or am I behind the times here?

Also, does this forum still have a chance to live?

Re: Interior ballistics - Faux barrels for real?

As I recall Nerfers have talked about this idea for many years.

This is also one the ideas behind barrel porting.

So yes, it seems like a good idea, but a better solution is to use the ideal barrel length so that the pressure differential when the dart leaves the barrel is negligible.